The external lime render is extensively decayed and crumbling, especially in the window reveals. The whole façade will be re-rendered with lime render.

lean-to-small.jpgThe septic tank was located in what is thought to be an underground ice-house vault at the rear (north) side of the house. This has since been replaced by an Advance Effluent Treatment System certified by the Irish agreement Board and installed by Shay Murtagh. The only bathroom is in the ground floor under stairs area. This has since been modernised. The new owners also intend to install two bathrooms on the first floor.

The floors are sound and level and the walls show no sign of movement or structural cracking, although there is limited floor ventilation. The timber flooring in Rear Reception Room, Staircase and Pantry areas is fitted on joists directly over an earth base with no ventilation and this is causing the timber floor to rot. This will be replaced as a matter of priority.